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Why might you be interested in the FPOS course?

A couple of weeks ago Abacus Training ran an FPOS course to give medical skills to people wanting to get in to the close protection/security sector. One of which was even international!

The course was delivered by Duncan Parsonage who has previously taught hundreds of people on the FPOS course. However he hasn’t (as far as he knows) delivered the course for anyone wanting to specialise in close protection. As such, more emphasis was placed on injuries that are likely to be received in such a hostile environment.

The first image below shows Geoff holding the head and keeping the C-spine secure whilst Orlando completes the patient assessment. The second image shows Geoff taking a manual blood pressure.

The candidates enjoyed the course very much, with an average rating given, of 10 out of 10 on the delivery of the course and the standard of teaching.

Examples of the feedback received are given below.

“The course opened my eyes to the importance of the AED and improved my knowledge of the human body.”

“Found the course very enjoyable, thanks Duncan.”

“Very informative!”

If you need training to a higher and more in-depth level than First Aid at Work, get in touch for details of the FPOS course.