news blog post

“First Aid Training Works” was a statement recently given to us by Chris who had just completed a 3 day First Aid at Work (FAW) course. He had left work for the day after just completing his 3 day FAW course when he was alerted by a lady that her husband was not well. Chris was taken by the lady to her husband who was lying on the floor and not moving. Chris checked for a response and then checked breathing. The man was found not to be breathing, after getting his wife to call for assistance, Chris started compressions. After a couple of compressions the man started to cough and splutter, he was starting to come round. He was then placed in the recovery position to await the ambulance.

Chris was on the phone to Mike, who had trained him, shortly afterwards. Mike said “This was a great job on the part of Chris, putting in to practice exactly what he had been taught. Well done Chris!”

Chris was over the moon that the guy had been resuscitated, he has since spoken to him and he is doing well. Chris’ workplace are thrilled that he has managed to bring someone around, especially after he completed the course just hours before it happened. Some of his workmates have jokingly now called him ‘Super-Chris’!

A great result, and a job well done!