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Mum Cherie was having dinner with her nine-year-old son Kayne when a pea blocked her airway

9 year old Kayne Holden with mum Cherie Briggs at their home in Bingley West Yorkshire.

A choking mum was saved by her son of nine the day after he learned first aid at a police summer camp.

Cherie Briggs, 38, was having dinner with Kayne Holden and his 19-month-old brother Red when a pea blocked her airway.

She said: “I started to choke and couldn’t get air from anywhere. I pointed at my back and looked at Kayne.”

The boy slapped her between the shoulder blades to try to force air out of her lungs to dislodge the food.

When that failed to work he put his arms around her then pulled his fist upwards into her abdomen — the emergency Heimlich manoeuvre — forcing her to cough out the pea.

He cried as he turned to her and said: “If I hadn’t learnt that on Monday, I wouldn’t have a mummy.”

Kayne, of Bingley, West  Yorkshire, spent a week learning about emergencies at the camp.

Cherie said: “It was extraordinary timing.”
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