news blog post

Adam attended a recent FPOS course with us, he was called upon to use his skills very quickly with a positive outcome.

“Upon returning from an FPOS training day, I received a knock at the door. I discovered that several tenants close to my house began drinking in the early hours and continued throughout the night. One had fallen over and bashed his head, I grabbed my first aid kit, initially thinking it probably wouldn’t be serious, however upon seeing the individual it appeared to be a rather serious cut. People started shouting and running around until I took the reins on the situation, explaining I needed my phone to the call the ambulance and other necessities.

Only that day we had covered epileptic fits and what to do to. The injured person then started to go into one. Upon awakening and response levels returning to normal and speaking to the ambulance service I performed a top to toe survey once happy with the males state.

With the training received from Duncan, I believe that it enabled me to respond quickly and calmly to the situation whilst others may not. Just goes to show things like this can happen at any time even on the day you have done that particular piece of training.”

A job well done!