Ventolin inhaler

There has been a recent change in policy for Schools allowing them to hold spare inhalers in case a Student forgets their own and is in need of relief. This policy has come in to force from 1st October 2014 and allows schools to keep a spare emergency inhaler that is for generic use. Previously schools could keep spare inhalers but they must have been prescribed to a specific student. This meant that larger schools could have had quite a considerable amount of inhalers that would not be used very often and may also mean the correct one would be difficult to find.

Schools can now buy inhalers and spacers (these are enclosed plastic vessels which make it easier to deliver asthma medicine to the lungs) from a pharmaceutical supplier, such as a local pharmacy, without a prescription, provided the general advice relating to these transactions are observed. Schools can buy inhalers in small quantities provided it is done on an occasional basis and is not for profit.
A supplier will need a request signed by the principal or head teacher (ideally on appropriately headed paper) stating:

  • the name of the school for which the product is required;
  • the purpose for which that product is required, and
  • the total quantity required.

The policy also states it would be reasonable for ALL staff to be:

  • trained to recognise the symptoms of an asthma attack, and ideally, how to distinguish them from other conditions with similar symptoms;
  • aware of the asthma policy;
  • aware of how to check if a child is on the register;
  • aware of how to access the inhaler;
  • aware of who the designated members of staff are, and the policy on how to access their help.

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