CPR mouth to mouth

Most people wouldn’t hesitate to give rescue breaths to a family member but may not want to do so with a stranger. Each situation is different and since Covid 19, it is understandable that people feel more reluctant.

If you are able to give rescue breaths, then combine them with giving chest compressions in the following way:

  • Give 30 chest compressions, followed by 2 rescue breaths.

To give an effective rescue breath:

  • Gently tilt the person’s head back and lift their chin up with 2 fingers.
  • Pinch the person’s nostrils closed.
  • Seal your mouth over theirs and blow steadily for about a second. Do this twice.
  • Continue chest compressions for 30 counts. Then 2 rescue breaths, and so on until help arrives.

If you don’t feel confident giving rescue breaths then continue with hands only CPR.

Click here for a quick guide to CPR.