to give a shoutout to a real life hero

We have recently received this message from Tracey who has completed a number of First Aid courses with us over the years.

“My First Aid skills came into play today, sadly. I was walking along a lane, I found a woman lying on the ground. I took control, after having to leave her to get some help, I then stayed with her until paramedics arrived nearly 2 hours after I initially found her. The woman was conscious, I realised after a little while that she was deaf, although I initially thought she had, had a stroke. Having a deaf mother enabled me to communicate to some extent and I was able to do basic triage to explain to paramedics what had happened. I also used good old fashioned paper and pen and wrote down what was happening, so the lady could read it. After I got home, I was really proud of myself. It’s situations like this that show first aid training is not just for the workplace, but for every day life as well. You never know when you may need it.”

Well done to Tracey, we are really proud of you as well! It is lovely to receive messages like this, where help has been provided to someone when they needed it most.

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