to give a shoutout to a real life hero

At Abacus Training, we take pride in preparing individuals for real-world emergencies, and Katie’s recent experience highlights the importance of being ready to act when it counts. Here’s her remarkable testimonial:

“I took my daughter up to the high street and ended up spending an hour doing first aid on a man until the ambulance arrived. People had been dismissing him as drunk (to be fair, he was!) and walking past for an hour apparently. He was borderline hypothermic and diabetic with raging thirst. Anyway, I felt confident helping him, so thank you.”

Katie’s quick thinking and application of her first aid training were instrumental in providing critical assistance to someone in need. This powerful example underscores the value of being prepared and capable of responding effectively in unexpected situations.

At Abacus Training, we’re committed to empowering individuals like Katie with the skills and confidence to make a difference when it matters most. Join us and start your journey toward becoming a certified first aider today.

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