Martyns law

Strengthening Safety Measures: Preparing for Martyn’s Law in Larger Venues

As legislative changes loom on the horizon, larger venues are gearing up to bolster their security measures under the anticipated enactment of Martyn’s Law. This forthcoming legislation, stemming from the Manchester Arena Inquiry, aims to fortify public safety against terrorism threats, compelling venues to adopt stringent security protocols.

Understanding Martyn’s Law

Martyn’s Law, officially titled the Terrorism Protection of Premises Bill, is slated to become law in 2024. It emerges as a response to the imperative need identified by the Manchester Arena Inquiry, striving to mitigate terrorism risks and enhance national security across public venues.

Implications for Larger Venues

The legislation mandates that venues accommodating 100 to 799 individuals adhere to ‘Standard Tier’ regulations, necessitating the formulation of emergency action plans and the implementation of proportional security measures. Meanwhile, venues with capacities exceeding 800 will be subject to ‘Enhanced Tier’ rules, requiring meticulous risk assessments, robust security planning, and comprehensive staff training.

Preparing for Compliance

In anticipation of these statutory obligations, institutions like universities and colleges are taking proactive steps to align with Martyn’s Law. Tasked with ensuring compliance, a collaborative working group has been established to assess the implications and develop cohesive strategies for implementation.

University and College Response

Efforts to date include the formulation of emergency action plans, procurement of trauma kits for life-threatening injuries, implementation of counter-terrorism training modules, and the initiation of a mass alert system to swiftly disseminate critical notifications in the event of security threats or major incidents. As a leading provider of first aid and bleed training, Abacus Training plays a pivotal role in equipping staff and personnel with essential skills to address emergencies effectively and comply with Martyn’s Law requirements.

How We Can Help

Abacus Training offers a range of courses to aid Martyn’s Law compliance:

  • Bleed Management: Learn to handle major bleeds effectively.
  • Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW): Essential workplace first aid skills.
  • First Aid at Work (FAW): Comprehensive training for designated first aiders.
  • First Response Care: Advanced first aid for high-risk environments.
  • Our tailored courses provide expert instruction and certification, ensuring your staff are prepared to respond to emergencies with confidence.

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Looking Ahead

As the legislative landscape evolves, the focus remains on equipping larger venues with the requisite training and equipment to address potential threats effectively. Training initiatives encompassing major bleed management, including the utilization of tourniquets, pressure dressings, and haemostatics, underscore the commitment to bolstering safety and resilience in the face of evolving security challenges.

In conclusion, the impending enactment of Martyn’s Law serves as a clarion call for larger venues to fortify their security apparatus, ensuring the safety and well-being of patrons and personnel alike. Through proactive preparedness and collaborative efforts, institutions are poised to navigate the evolving security landscape with vigilance and resilience.