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Dog revived by CPR after Stafford home blaze

A DOG saved from a Stafford kitchen fire was brought back to life after firefighters leapt into action to rescue it from the burning building and administer CPR.

The black Labrador became trapped in the home on Woodlands Road in the Holmcroft area of Stafford when a blaze broke out triggered by a faulty toaster.

Fire and rescue crews from Stafford, Rising Brook and Eccleshall were called to the property after a female occupant returned home to find her smoke alarms sounding.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the building and rescued the dog who was showing no signs of life.

A fire service spokesman said CPR was carried out on the dog and oxygen administered, bringing it back to life, before it was taken to the vets.

The building sustained fire and heat damage to the kitchen and an adjacent room was damaged by smoke as well as flood damage caused by a plumbing connection severed by the heat from the flames.
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