Low blood pressure is also known as hypotension. This is when your blood pressure goes below 90/60 (90 over 60). This does not always mean there is a problem, people with low blood pressure tend to live longer than those with high blood pressure.

Low blood pressure does not usually give any symptoms and is often discovered during routine examinations or whilst a person is undergoing checks for other things. However very low blood pressure can sometimes cause dizziness and even fainting.

Other illnesses or conditions can be the cause of low blood pressure. If a person is feeling dizziness they should consult with their GP so that they can investigate this further. Taking certain medications can be cause of low blood pressure, such as those taken for high blood pressure, heart disease and depression. It can also come from some over the counter medications or herbals medications.

Postural hypotension is a condition where a person can get low blood pressure when changing their body position, such as getting out of bed quickly or getting up from the sofa quickly. This can make the person feel lightheaded or dizzy. This condition is quite common in teenagers and older people. If you experience this you should discuss this with your GP. At times, we can all get a small drop in blood pressure, this is nothing to be concerned about, larger drops in blood pressure could be described in postural hypotension.

If a person suffers from low blood pressure, they should ensure they drink plenty of fluids, especially if they are suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting. If you suffer postural hypotension, you should ensure that you get up more slowly in the morning or when you get up from the sofa.